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Aesthetic Medicine in Italy | Medical Aesthetic in Parma, forte dei marmi


Aesthetic rejuvenation: anti age treatments in italy

Aesthetic Medicine in Italy center Medea located in Parma and Forte dei Marmi, led by Aesthetic Skincare Medical Doctor, General Surgeon Dr Anna Kachalkina, treats every client as an individual, delivering service with cutting edge treatments that are truly transformative. Using medical grade skincare and therapies tailored to your skin. In our Aesthetics Medical Center we pride ourselves on our regenerative approach to aesthetics.

Our providers will work with you to identify your areas of concern and develop a personalized treatment plan. Whether you have one concern or many, our Total Rejuvenation approach systematically addresses all aspects of skin and facial health and appearance. Our goal is not only to give you the immediate refinement you desire, but also to provide the vital foundation for lasting transformation.


Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Parma, Forte dei Marmi

Full Face Rejuvenation

Unique combination of botulinum toxin to smooth your upper face, gently arch your brows and open your eyes, coupled with two pure hyaluronic fillers to elegantly shape your cheeks and define your lower face by optimally reducing wrinkles and shadows.

Full face rejuvenation

Instant Lower Face Remodelling

Improve your face with facial treatments & boost your confidence. Book your appointment in our center in Italy

Medea Medical Aesthetics Center in Parma innovation using the most advanced cannula techniques with pure hyaluronic fillers to shape and hydrate your lips, define your chin and jawline, smooth your marionettes and nasolabial folds. This latest technique optimises the comfort of the procedure with less down time and results in a more natural look


Dermal Fillers

Loss of facial volume, wrinkles and deep facial folds can often make us feel self-conscious about our appearance. Dermal fillers are injected into your skin to soften lines, folds and wrinkles and to also give volume to areas which have lost their support.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are our most common treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and the most common treatment areas are forehead lines, lines between eyes / glabella, crow’s feet / lines around your eyes and neck lines.

tear trough treatment


Tear Trough

Botox, Carboxytherapy, Filler for the best tear trough is the area between the lower eyelid and cheek. As we age is possible to experience volume loss in this area which can often cause dark circles and hollows under the eyes. This is not an uncommon problem and can be treated easily with the right technique and dermal filler product, which quickly and effectively restores lost volume, and reduces dark circles. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles as boost collagen production by hydrating from the inside.
Medicina Estetica Pisa

Total rejuvenating effect

is a specialised volumizing and lifting facial treatment, sometimes referred to as a liquid facelift or non-surgical facelift. This highly popular treatment uses dermal fillers to enhance and discreetly lift the face for a total rejuvenating effect and a beautiful youthful radiance

non-surgical facelift

Skin Peels

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to remove layers of skin, revealing the more youthful skin underneath.
This layer has a specific and important role to protect against environmental damage, protecting the deeper tissues and preventing dehydration. A chemical peel speeds up this process, revealing fresh new cells which give an instant glow, reduce or improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin colouring and other skin imperfections!


Nose Reshaping

A non-surgical nose reshaping treatment is an advanced and effective alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty without the pain, cost, downtime, risks and recovery associated with invasive surgery. Dermal fillers can be used to subtly enhance the contours of your nose while reshaping it to give more definition.

Ringiovanimento viso e corpo



Trattamenti di medicina estetica dedicati al viso. Terapie che uniscono l’efficacia di procedure all’avanguardia non invasive, qualità, sicurezza ed efficacia dei risultati ottenuti:


Contorno occhi

Naso e Zigomi

Labbra e Mento

Ovale del viso




I trattamenti di medicina estetica per il corpo permettono di migliorare la propria bellezza naturale e di ritrovare la forma fisica senza bisogno di ricorrere ad interventi chirurgici:





Gambe e Glutei



Donna e Uomo


Rughe, pelle che invecchia, adiposità localizzate… La medicina estetica è anche per l’uomo. Non solo la donna ritrova se stessa attraverso i trattamenti proposti.




Contorno occhi